In vitro верификация функционализированных лазерным воздействием поверхностей для биоинтеграции клеток

Laser-assisted fabrication and in vitro verification of functionalized surface for cells biointegration

Статья опубликована в июне 2021 г. Ссылка на источник:

The paper investigates how the surface relief of an implant affects cell behavior. Currently, most implant manufacturers claim the key impact biocompatibility factor to be surface micro-roughness. We suppose that the interaction between cells and implants also depends on such relief peculiarities as continuous or discontinuous topography, subcellular distance between peaks and presence of porous oxide layer. We have developed the laser processing conditions that provide three different reliefs: «open grooves», «grid» and «close grooves». Along with the micro-roughness characteristics the reliefs differ with their deepness and period of grooves. The surface composition analysis results have shown a sandwich structure consisting of Ti → TiO → Ti2O3Nx → TiO2(anatase) → TiO2 (rutile). The wettability study has demonstrated superhydrophilicity (CA is 0°) for all reliefs. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of hMSCs proliferation and osteogenic differentiation was performed for 20 days. In vitro study has revealed the topography affects the spatial orientation of cells. The shape and size of the cell nuclei vary with different topographies. We have found continuous «open grooves» structures with the subcellular to cellular period are beneficial for cells’ life-sustaining activity. Discontinuous «grid» structures with individual slots might not provide cells with mobility with the least external mechanical effect compared to «open grooves».

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